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Afternoon Tea: 1860s Style!

Join in the fun of an afternoon tea on Mrs. Mahaffie’s porch. We will discuss the history and evolution of “teas”. Guests will enjoy tea and refreshments just as Mrs. Mahaffie may have served in her parlor during the 1860s. This will be a special gathering for friends of all ages.

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Featured Fun

Science City

Science City is a place of wonder, where kids and adults can find something new with each visit. Throw the don't touch mindset out the window. There are no tests and no wrong or right answers, just a chance to explore with freedom and pure imagination. From the Dino Lab to a motel with 21 different illusions to the sky bike and simple machines, Science City disguises STEM learning as pure playtime fun.

Sea Life Aquarium

Step beneath the waves and prepare for a world of glittering scales, darting sharks, gliding stingrays and a curious octopus. And get ready to come face-to-fin with some of the most fascinating creatures.

Escape Room Kansas City

Escape Room Kansas City is a live escape game where you have 60 minutes to solve a mystery. It's full of secrets, codes and puzzles. With top-notch props from the Da Vinci Code to 221B Baker Street, Escape Room KC immerses you in the moment. But don't marvel too only have 60 minutes to escape! Fun for all ages.